Still Not Dead

I never really cared for zombies, never gave them much thought until now.  Could a corpse type, or would it simply headbutt the keyboard until its face was mashed beyond recognition?  Actually, I’m back to not caring.

I don’t know if many people still come here considering how little I’ve posted in the past year, but I just wanted to write a little message saying that I am, in fact, still alive.  I’ve not been neglecting my writings, far from it!  I’ve been focusing a lot more on my larger works over the past year and most of my spare time has been going into those projects.  When I’m further along I will update this site more then, maybe even post a few of the shorter stories I’ve got gathering dust in the dark recesses of my figurative basement.  And finally, to whoever is out there reading this right now: thank you for stopping by.  Much non-zombie love from me to you.  Catch you on the flipside.