Infernal Solicitations

L0030887 An angel leading a soul into hell. Oil painting by a followe

“An Angel Leading a Soul into Hell” by A Follower of Hieronymus Bosch

Life in the underworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Allow me now to share with you this revealing tale of one depressed denizen and his harrowing experiences in the pit of eternal suffering.  Originally written on the 12th May 2016.

Infernal Solicitations

He had always hated Bilefield, what with its stupid citizens and copious amounts of flesh statues on every corner. It made him sick, which was appropriate given that the constant vomiting of bile from its inhabitants was precisely how it came to acquire such a striking name in the first place. Most locals assumed it was the smell from the flesh mines to the east that irked their insides so, though some insisted it was simply the Overlord’s wish. Whatever the case, it was a foul place, one in which the residents perpetually felt like killing each other. More so than they were expected to, at any rate.

Drekavac Merihem was a socially maladjusted Poliknish drinker with buff knees and very handsome exo-spines. He’d lived in Bilefield since his sack burst and he’d crawled out of the birth divots in larva form. His old friends had once seen him as a strong, sometimes squealing, suicidal nutcase, the kind that really goes places around those lawless haunts. Once, he had even revived a dying, paraplegic wasp queen with gout after she’d had a heart attack whilst teaching aquatic yoga to troubled larvae in the hot mucus springs. That’s the sort of demon he had been.

Nowadays however, he was an alcoholic shut-in. His friends were long gone, he’d dumped their ruptured bodies down a shaft at the nearby flesh mine. They nagged way too much anyway. He’d spent his most recent years throwing back the glowing radioactive liquid and spending his last coal coins on deformed prostitutes, the kind that smelled and dressed like unwashed toilet lids.

Drekavac got up off his bed of screaming bones, stretched, chose a set of arms for the day and shuffled over to the pentagram-shaped window overlooking the square. He gazed down with malice at the other spawn, mindlessly going about their day, maiming, devouring and generally causing a scene. “Look at this hole,” he muttered to himself with disdain. “The worst district in all of Dis”. He glared at the soul destroying surroundings. It was lucky he had no soul of his own, the ones he’d collected in jars on the outskirts usually burst within a matter of hours, though they did smell nice for the brief time he had them. The sight of the busting square below made him want to pee. Not out of the appendage he usually urinated out of, no, but rather the curved tumour growing out of his right eye. He only ever peed out of it when he was bitterly angry or depressed.

Thunder rumbled overhead once more. Drekavac wondered if the large, fapping centaur on top of Mount Cyst was abusing himself again. Sure sounded like it.

The demon poured himself a mug of molten iron and added a liberal splashing of Poliknish, favoured tipple of the damned. It sizzled as it tore a hole through his throat and blistered his gullet. Drekavac wheezed and looked back out the window. “What a life”.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It sort of looked like a dead whale, one that had already exploded and hadn’t done a very good job of stitching itself back up yet, pieces of gelatinous fat were falling off as it drew nearer. Eventually the figure got so close that its awkward gait was unmistakable. That shambling, stumbling disaster of tissue was the festering figure of Philomena Catastrophe. Philomena was a worthless whore with sagging, pierced knees and an atrocious set of bleached blonde spines held together in a tight bun. She was disgusting, she was diseased, she was renowned in Bilefield for her catastrophic existence of putrefying horror. She also happened to be the deformed prostitute that Drekavac currently owed the most coal to.

The demon gulped back the rest of his drink, tore some skin off the wall and sewed it over the gaping wound in his throat. He was not prepared for a visit from Philomena.

As Drekavac stepped outside and Philomena came scuttling closer, he could see the trademark belligerent glint in her one good eye. It made the left side of his head collapse. “I am here because I want my damn coal!” the broken wreck of femininity bellowed in a fat tone that curled both paving slabs and roofing tiles. With a grunt, she slammed a podgy fist against Drekavac’s spiny chest equal to the force of a shotgun blast. “I frigging hate you, Drekavac Merihem. You gave me bum sex for nine hours last Friday and didn’t pay a damn thing. Cough up the coal or I’ll tear your head off and squirt my rancid teets down your neck!” Most clients would pay a small bag’s worth for an experience like that, but Drekavac wasn’t a normal client. His personal tastes never involved Philomena’s teets, they reminded him far too much of his former career as a nipple remover on the dead hooker barges.

Drekavac looked back, his wall of depression collapsing beneath the wrecking ball of nervousness that Bilefield’s worst prostitute had brought to his door. He started fingering a marginally seductive earwax candle he’d picked up off the table where he kept his keys and hatchets. “Philomena,” he eventually replied, “die in a ditch”.

As the town clock struck thirteen and the roosting bundles of carrion took to the red skies, the two demons looked at each other with upset feelings, like two leaking, little lobsters abusing each other at a very gimpy orgy, one which had thumping organ music playing in the background and two lazy uncles dancing to the beat in crops tops and stilettos.

In the stewing silence that ensued, Drekavac regarded Philomena’s pierced knees and blonde spines for a moment. They sure made him sick. Spurts of vomit erupted from his shoulder pipes and coated them both in steaming foulness. With a snort and a shake of his head, the depressed demon eventually held out a claw in truce. “Let’s not fight,” he whispered about as gently as a hacksaw to the head. “Come into my house and we shall soon sort this mess out”.

“Hmph,” sulked Philomena, passing gas in abundance at the helplessness she felt when trying to argue with him. Despite his attitude and tendency to never pay for their sordid and more-often-than-not crusty escapades time and time again, she had a soft spot for him. She thought it was probably in her post-gastric love box. Once, she’d even tried to cut it out with a rasp, but to no avail. There was just something about Drekavac that made parts of her melt like boiled lard.

“Please?” begged the demon with puppy dog eyes. That is to say, with a puppy dog’s freshly plucked eyes in his clawed hand, something that he very much liked to play with whenever nervous or bored.

Philomena looked ravenous, her bulbous body blushing like a teenage nymph after lifting a stranger’s kilt to discern that which hangs beneath. Try as she might, she couldn’t fight the urge to be with Drekavac one more time. His array of detachable appendages and unique secretions never failed to rock her underworld, and she was an afflicted whore very much in need of a good rocking.

With a menstrual belch that stripped all the pebbledash off Drekavac’s house, Philomena waddled inside for a nice drink of Poliknish and the prospect of yet another unpaid cardiovascular workout. Little did she know that it would be the last anyone would ever see of her. Well, except for the eye fungus that grew at the bottom of the flesh mine, anyway.

The following morning, as the haemorrhaging moon broke the horizon and scared away the feasting nightkin, Drekavac Merihem stood at his window overlooking the square once more. With a mug of molten iron laced with Poliknish in his hand, he counted up the tally in his head and scratched another line into the frame. “I hate this town,” he quietly wheezed as a piece of Philomena’s fat melted away in the steaming mug, like a creamy ice cube.

À La Carte

BrainChain by Willem den Broeder (2001)

“BrainChain” by Willem den Broeder (2001)

The following is a short piece about a short piece.  Dark culinary fiction, flash fried for your consumption convenience.  Written on the 22nd April 2017.

“À La Carte”

She couldn’t go through with it and shot herself shortly after leaving the room. Eventually, the drugs wore off and I could feel again. The pain of having the top of one’s skull removed with a hacksaw is indescribable. Alone then, I vowed to finish the job we’d agreed to start.

Luckily, the scalpel was still on the tray before me. I doubt I could have stood up and walked far to fetch it anyway, I was feeling rather ill. I picked it up and felt along the slick contours and ridges of my exposed brain. It didn’t feel as I’d expected it would. “Gelatinous” was the word we’d used. That would be the wrong word. It also didn’t hurt. Well, not directly at least. So I plunged the blade in like it was a baked potato.

I cut for maybe a minute, careful not to go too deep – we’d decided earlier that anything more than an inch and a half would probably kill me before we had a chance to eat. The ease with which I filleted my own brain into a neat and chunky cutlet was quite surprising to me, I imagine Janey would have felt the same way.

Next I dropped the grey sliver into the frying pan, preheated and sitting just beside the table. I let it sizzle for a few minutes. Sure, I wanted to cook it longer but I was feeling more and more faint with each passing moment. I fried it on both sides, no seasoning, just as we’d discussed.

Human brain, it smells nice. Cannibalism, sounds less so. But we’d always wanted to try it. I put the morsel in my mouth and chewed. I didn’t like it. I ate it anyway and then had another mouthful. The second one was for Janey.

I wonder now as I recline in my chair, what will they think when they find us? If they’re not too late they might even still catch the smell. That’ll be something interesting for them, at least.

Nasal Oddity

wax-worm- skeeze 2015 911591 2

“Wax Worm” by Skeeze (2015)

Greetings, dearest readers.  A few days ago The Book of Hangman celebrated one full year online, and in celebration of such a milestone I have decided to celebrate it in the only way befitting the celebration of such a celebration-worthy occasion: by using the word “celebration” a lot.  And also posting a story about a worm.  Yes, it’s fitting in a “not really fitting at all” kind of way.  I do hope you enjoy my worm.  Originally written on the 28th February 2017.

Nasal Oddity

Clarence sat and waited patiently as the creature crawled out of his nose. It twisted and wriggled, even screamed a little – Clarence thought it might be stuck – but eventually it fell out and landed with a splash in his cornflakes.

The thing’s tiny head emerged from the surface and looked up at him. “Hello,” it said hesitantly.

“Hello,” replied Clarence.

It was some sort of worm, a pale orange in colour with streaks of black running up and down its sides. Maybe it was a wireworm.

“Who are you?” asked Clarence, picking up his spoon.

“I’m Fletcher,” stated the thing, shaking its head free of a soggy cornflake. “Get me out of this bowl, please”.

Clarence scooped the creature up and let it wriggle off the spoon and onto the table with a plop.

“Now,” began Fletcher, craning his neck and looking around the kitchen. “Where am I?”

Clarence regarded the odd little thing on his kitchen table for a moment. It had been some time since a creature had emerged from his nose. Many years in fact. He’d thought that had all stopped now, that’s what the exorcist had told him anyway. “No more beasties,” Reverend Scott had promised as he fired a water pistol containing holy water up Clarence’s nose. “No more beasties”.

“You’re in my kitchen,” replied Clarence, motioning around the room with a gesture which Fletcher followed, nodding.

“I see,” mused the worm. “And tell me, how do I get back home?”

This was always the problem. Whenever something crawled out of Clarence’s nose it always wanted to go right back home again. A slug-like creature had once told him it had performed a magical ritual with a coven of witch slugs and a portal had appeared, it had been the bravest slug-thing and so offered to enter it. That’s when it had found itself in Clarence’s nose. Clarence’s friends had reasoned that he must have a portal to another dimension up there. Clarence thought they were probably right.

“I don’t know,” said Clarence, picking up the spoon again. “None of the others ever made it back home”.

“What others?” asked Fletcher, looking rather concerned.

“Oh, you know. The others”. Clarence raised the spoon high above the trembling worm.

“You wouldn’t…” whispered Fletcher in horror as it dawned on him what this giant was about to do.

“I have to. If I don’t, I’ll be forced to believe you things actually exist, and I can’t let that happen again. It would drive me insane. No, I have to kill you so you don’t disturb my mind. Sorry”.

“Wait!” screamed the worm, trying desperately to flip itself out of the way of the descending cutlery. But it was too late. With a dull splat Fletcher was crushed to death.

Clarence flicked the soggy remains off the table and threw the spoon into the sink. “And I don’t appreciate you ruining my breakfast either”.

The Twat

Christian Van Minnen 2

“Manfungus 1.2” by Christian Rex Van Minnen (2007)

I may delete this.  So get it while it’s hot, I suppose.  Written on the 8th April 2017.

The Twat

Ray kicked down the door and stormed into the living room. “Welp, I’ve just been for my god damn twatogram,” he announced with the air of a man ready to kill multiple people and/or animals without the aid of weapons.

“And?” replied Kathy, putting the phone book she’d been licking down.

“And it turns out I am a massive twat!”

Kathy picked up the book again and resumed slobbering over its yellow pages. She always knew her boyfriend was a twat. This was simply confirmation.

Ray, on the other hand, had always denied with great passion that he was anything other than a well-respected, upstanding and productive member of the BDSM community. In his mind, there was no way he could be a twat, let alone a massive one. No, the twatopractor must have gotten it wrong. Maybe he’d put the diodes in the wrong hole or something?

“I’m going to go back there with a sledgehammer,” he declared, kicking their rubber cat statue across the room and into the television.

“We don’t have a sledgehammer,” reminded Kathy. They had to get rid of the last one. Court order.

“Shit. That’s right. Well I’ll just have to use the cat statue then”.

“You can’t do that either,” said Kathy, deciding now that chewing the pages of the phone book was a far better use of her mouth than merely licking them until the phone numbers entered her bloodstream. Without looking up she pointed to the far end of the room. The cat was melting in the electrical fire which had begun to consume most of the wall.

“I don’t care anymore, Kathy. I really don’t. I can’t accept this. There’s no way I’m a twat! All your stupid friends are wrong, they shouldn’t be throwing insults around like that. Someone’s going to have to pay for this injustice!” Ray ran into the sub-basement dungeon and retrieved the rubber fire hydrant they sometimes used in their party games. “This’ll have to do”.

“Is the minister’s pee off it yet?” asked Kathy, not looking up from her mindless chewing.

“No. And you know what? I don’t care if his pee is all over it. It’s going through someone’s face in a minute. I’m out of here”.

“Don’t forget you’re still wearing that latex gimp suit, Ray,” reminded Kathy.

Ray looked down and suddenly realised he’d been out and about in his homemade slug costume the whole time. Maybe he was a bit of a twat after all?

But Ray was too far lost in his rage to care or change into something more reasonable. He dove out the window, obliterating the triple glazing in the process as well as most of his facial features. “If I don’t come back, watch for me on the news”.

After kicking most of the mithril flamingoes off the neighbour’s lawn and smearing some war paint on his bleeding face with cat feces, Ray looked back through the window at his gorging girlfriend. “Oh, and Kathy?” he said, mounting his Segway.

“Yes Ray?”

“Tell them I’m not a massive twat”.