Please find below a selection of my stories.  From the profoundly absurd and wickedly bizarre to the disturbingly dark and hauntingly grim, there’s sure to be something here for your reading pleasure.

Massive Fuck Off Beard

McAllister’s Woe

The Ship of Nails

Infernal Solicitations

À La Carte

Nasal Oddity

The Twat

A Bit of a Pickle

Strange Luminescence

The Little Crap That Couldn’t

An Incident at the Pearly Gates

Maximum Pensioner Overdrive

Terrek the Epic Bastard


Vlad the Impaler’s Rainbow Rampage

The Cabin on the Shore

Through the Night


The Last Magical Fart Donkey

The Cybernetic Pope



Ophelia Bewbs and the Walruses of Lust

Amongst the Stones

Scissoring the Alien


The Deity in Tartan

That Sinking Feeling


Amorphophallus Titanum

Ophelia Bewbs’ Dark Desire

King of Rhins Isle

Dance of the Infernals

The Seed

A Purple Odyssey

Southern Justice

The Idiot’s Offspring

The Spandex Waffle Donkey

Hangman and the Seven Kwangs

Carnival of the Dead