“Edgy Self Portrait” by Neil Dinsmore (2017)

Welcome, dear wanderer.

Perhaps you took a wrong turn at the crossroads and ended up here, amongst the pages of the Book of Hangman. My name is Neil and I like to create. In particular, I very much enjoy writing fiction. It’s my escapism. Over the years I’ve come to refer to my collected stories, poems and other writings as the Book of Hangman. Books are full of writing, for the most part, and the hangman signifies death. Wait, am I trying to say this is the place words come to die? I think I just insulted myself. Oh well. It’s still a cool name.

Be that as it may, I have decided to create this site as a place to post some of my works and hopefully share them with others. Let’s flood this world with absurdity, fantasy and limitless rule breaking, I think that’s why we’re here in the first place. I enjoy reading weird and obscure tales and poems, there are so many undiscovered gems out there and I just want to contribute something to the treasure trove, something uniquely me. My tastes range far and wide, but for the most part I tend to give birth to bizarre absurdities, ridiculous comedy, gothic horror and poetry.

Through the power of the almighty interwebs and its associated tendrils, I can share all manner of indefinable creations, dark monstrosities, frothing puddles of frontal lobe vomit and more with the world. I wouldn’t consider my tastes and styles to be normal, but then again, who wants to be normal? After all, we all know that normal is boring. Hopefully, someone out there will garner some smidgen of enjoyment out of these tales.

Thanks for stopping by!


“Between the Lines, That’s Where I’ll Be”

41 thoughts on “About

  1. I will check out your stuff. You are right, normal is boring. I have read plenty of “normal” and I am over it. I have not really tapped into goth, but there is a first time for everything! Stay tunned, I will definitely provide feedback. Any recommendation of what story I should begin with???

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    • Thanks for taking a look! Depends on what kind of things you like, if you like it weird I’d say check out almost any of my short stories (they vary in degree of weirdness). Then again, stuff like Dance of the Infernals and Transformation are darker and more serious. Whatever takes your fancy!

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  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Means a lot. Followed you as well.

    And I must say, great site! Some of the images are great too, like ‘The Bogle’ – what a stunning sketch. Where do you go for images?

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  3. In my short stop by I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed in the best way. Art and creation flow from the images and font alone, and I haven’t even read a piece yet. I wanted to thank you for following my blog, and I hope I’ll hear from you soon. Feedback and prompts are always welcome.
    -Author S

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  4. Hello Neil
    Thanks for following my Bella Basura blog. I have had a rapid scoot around your site, there is so much to take in, I’m looking forward to coming back here and spending the time reading. Thanks for your writing, wonderful and prolific. Bella

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