The Gargoyle’s Watch

Gargoyle of Notre-Dame Cathedral, overlooking the city of Paris2

Gargoyle of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

Originally written on the 23rd January 2009.

The Gargoyle’s Watch

A stone sentry, perched atop lonely spire
Silent witness to ten thousand emerging fires
A mere shadow of its former grand self
Perched motionless on an isolated slate shelf
Grandeur melts away from centuries of abuse
Though not one tooth has cracked or fallen loose
Ravenous elements and their merciless way
Wickedly cruel in their decay
The gargoyle’s minions it still surveys
Whether sunlight gleams or the winds do blow
There remains the sentry, gazing intently below
An everlasting vigil, held by immortal gaze
The relentless watch of ten thousand days
Throughout hours both long and short
The watcher watches as his form contorts
His wards below traverse their square
Their upward glances meeting immortal glare
A life supernatural, given in time obscure
When the world was so different
So foreign and pure
What was once fair and fine
Is now victim of time
The changing of a landscape and the centuries of grime
He has perched and watched
Observed and unnerved as stone towers sprouted
From the mires they shouted, climbing the skies
As hard as they strived, none could ever reach his lonely spire
For companionless he remains
A witness to the crumbling of time
Vigil without end, ages yet unspanned
Until the tower’s stone is returned to the land
The end will come, from the shadows of time
When the sun has finally lost its most radiant shine

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