Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill by Pieter Claesz (Dutch, Berchem 1596 or 97 – 1660 Haarlem (1628)

Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill” by Pieter Claesz (1628)

Dear Reader,

First and foremost, allow me to welcome you to my humble slice of the internet pie and thank you for stopping by. This is The Book of Hangman, a collection of writings (and occasional other such artistic pieces) created by myself. My name is Neil Dinsmore and I have always been into creating art. I dislike calling it that though, it feels somewhat pretentious. I feel it’s up to others to decide whether it’s art or not. Maybe you’ll enjoy it. Then again, maybe you’ll think it’s dog feces converted into binary code, perhaps through the use of an as-yet undisclosed apparatus which the government will one day use to convert your own excrement into data and thus begin the enslavement and subsequent farming of the human race, because as we all know data will be the sole currency of the universe once the intergalactic squid aliens come and threaten us with their big pink laser rifles. Man, I really got off track there…

Throughout my life I’ve always taken great pleasure in writing, particularly fiction. I’m not saying I’m therefore any good at it, but be it short stories, poetry, fictional biographies, fake product reviews, newspaper reports, letters, interviews, full length novels or anything in between, it’s been my reason to stick around. The realms of fiction are infinitely more interesting to me than those of reality. Reality is cold and clinical, for the most part anyway. Art is escapism. I love the limitlessness I’m afforded by my own mind, I conform to no rules. My style tends to have an absurdist twist to it, for the most part. Actually, who am I kidding? It’s not a twist. It’s a mangled spine holding up the shivering torso of unfathomable ridiculousness.

I have written stories and poems, created music and comics, made films and recorded radio shows and podcasts. I love the freedom and escapism of art, and so I have never stopped creating. I don’t for one second think my pieces are great, I simply do it because I enjoy it. Therefore, I have decided to not let this stuff rot unseen any longer. I have set up The Book of Hangman to share some of my writings and other pieces with the world. Hopefully someone out there will garner a smidgen of enjoyment out of some of them. Failing that, I hope I make somebody cry instead.

On a closing note, if you’re reading this years from now and I’m long gone and scattered to the four winds… “Boo”.

Yours preposterously,

Neil “Hangman” Dinsmore


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